The Fortunate Pilgrim

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  • Author(s):Mario Puzo
  • Publisher:Brilliance Audio
  • Publication date:2009-09-22
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  • Binding:Audible Audio Edition
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Lucia Santa came to New York from the mountain farms of Italy because she knew there had to be a better life. But what she finds in the streets of Hell's Kitchen is a life to break a strong woman's heart. Two tragic marriages, six children to support by herself, a fiery-hearted daughter who insists on living and loving as an American, an oldest son who gets involved with the mafia. And through it all, Lucia Santa--wife, widow, mother, grandmother--endures as a woman of incomparable dignity, courage, and passion.

Filled with laughter and tears, fury and forgiveness, The Fortunate Pilgrim is a spellbinding portrait of a family determined to survive in America. It is a novel that only Mario Puzo could have written.