Fools Die

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  • Author(s):Mario Puzo
  • Publisher:Blackstone Audio, Inc.
  • Publication date:2010-03-12
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  • Binding:Audible Audiobook
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From the blockbuster author of The Godfather comes this bold international best-seller about the feverish world of a big-time gambler.

Merlyn and his brother, Artie, obey their own code of honor in the ferment of contemporary America, where law and organized crime are one and the same. Set within America's golden triangle of corruption and excess--New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas--the novel plunges into the glittering and ruthless worlds of gambling, publishing, and the film industry, where greed, lust, and violence hold sway. As high rollers, hustlers, and scheming manipulators use power, sex, and betrayal to win, the strongest survive--but fools die.