Sold on St. Patrick's Day: A Virgin and a Billionaire Romance

Book cover image for Sold on St. Patrick's Day: A Virgin and a Billionaire Romance
  • ISBN:--
  • Author(s):Juliana Conners
  • Publisher:Swann Song Books
  • Publication date:2017-03-13
  • Edition:--
  • Binding:Kindle Edition
  • Volume(s):--
  • Pages:725


I'm plucking her Shamrock on St. Patrick's Day.

Jade might have witnessed my dad- a notorious Irish gangster- commit a crime.

He sends me to find out what she knows and deal with it if I have to.

This job is similar to many I've done before that have gone off without a hitch.

Except it's even easier because it has a convenient set-up and comes with a perk. 

She'll sell herself to me at an auction, without knowing why I'm there.

I get to purchase her body and her loyalty at any price. 

She's only 19 years old, with innocent eyes and beautiful curves.

F*cking her will be a treat as sweet as sin. 

When I find out she's a virgin, that's just the cherry on top. 

A cherry I get to pop! 

But this job might be the first one to have a hitch.

What if she enjoys the way I must dominate her to break her spirit and win her trust?

And what if I enjoy it too- way more than I should?

Thanks to my father, that would be bad for both of us, and really f*cking risky for me.

After I buy her body, will she steal my heart?

*Sold on St. Patrick's Day is a standalone romance novella with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It features a billionaire bad boy alpha male, a feisty BBW and a HEA. This dirty quickie is a filthy and flirty St. Patrick's Day treat. For a limited time this edition comes with three bonus books, which include the entire Bradford Brothers Military/ Secret Baby Bad Boy Series: Jensen, Harlow and Ramsey.