Big Bad Rancher: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

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  • ISBN:--
  • Author(s):Tia Siren
  • Publisher:--
  • Publication date:2017-03-14
  • Edition:--
  • Binding:Kindle Edition
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  • Pages:209


This time I’m going to ride her like a rodeo horse.

I lost Harper once before. I’ve returned to rope her back in.
I was dirt poor when I left Wyoming.
She offered me a life on the ranch and I turned it down.
Instead, I made a fortune in the Big City.
Now I'm back, and she's trying to get me to step out of my suit and back into my old spurs.
I’ll take off my suit, but not because I’m here to be her ranch hand.
I’ve got much more to offer her than the sweat of my brow and the shotgun in my pants.
I want to give her the world.
The problem is, to her, the ranch is the world.
Winning back her heart might be a wilder rodeo ride than I had in mind.

Lucky for her I can buck like a stallion…


This is a sexy standalone 40000-word novel with a guaranteed HEA. I’ve also included several more exclusive bonus books for your pleasure, including BIG BAD COWBOY and a sneak peak of BIG BAD DADDY.

Tia Siren. Spoil the bad girl in you.